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This may sound alarming but unfortunately it is true. The milk that we consume today on daily basis (plastic pack, carton or bottle) is mostly Jersey (a small breed) cow’s milk that contains a particular protein viz. A1 beta-casein. This protein has been found to be a potential triggering factor in inducing life-threatening diseases like diabetes, schizophrenia and autism. High intake of this protein also increases the risk of ischaemic heart disease (IHD)!.

It is not that drinking the usual packet/carton milk will give you ailments immediately. It works as a “slow poison” and deteriorates your body in a very gradual manner; you wouldn’t even know about it. In September 2007, New Zealander Keith Woodford published a book named Devil in the Milk. This book talked about the relationship between the type of milk (here A1) New Zealander’s consumed and various diseases like diabetes (Type 1), autism, heart diseases and schizophrenia. As he explains, compared to human milk or the milk by desi breed of cows like Gir & zebu/Brahman, the milk of Jersey cow is unable to nullify the ill-effects of a tiny but notorious protein fragment called beta-casomorphine-7 (BCM7).

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Zebu Milk Products is determined to bring you the best quality A2 milk from the farms of Gujarat. Give your family the nourishment they deserve.

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